DC is officially an international city.

Get used to seeing these.

Forget all the embassies and diplomats here in Washington. Forget the World Bank and IMF. Forget the myriad languages you hear spoken on the streets of Georgetown or Dupont Circle. For me, this story published yesterday on DCist cinches DC’s international status for me: Amsterdam Falafelshop in Adams Morgan officially accepts Euros.

Some might interpret this is a just a sign of the weakened dollar or the recent uptick in US tourism that has resulted. I however am choosing to take the optimistic view here that the true reason is that DC is finally embracing it’s role as world class city, not just politically but culturally.

The French invade Baltimore

Justice @ Sonar

Parisian electro duo Justice absolutely tore it up at Sonar last night along side Tunisian born hip-hop/electro wizard DJ Mehdi. In tow was their full stage setup, complete with glowing cross surrounded by 6 Marshall stacks. The setup rocks, but still doesn’t quite reach the sheer awesomeness of Daft Punk’s pyramid.

Kicking off with Genesis, they played pretty much all of their tracks, including D.A.N.C.E., Phantom, Let There Be Light, The Party, Waters of Nazareth, and 3 different remixes of We Are Your Friends.

As incredible as Justice was, it was Mehdi who stole the show. Talk about a high energy DJ…when he wasn’t mixing the next track in, he was out in front of the turntables dancing, pumping up the crowd. He spun everything, from house to hip-hop to electro to rock to baltimore club to tracks that I couldn’t even begin to classify. Reminded me more of the old days than any DJ I’ve heard recently. Really good stuff…I’m going to make an effort to catch him again next time he comes through.


Foggy morning on the Potomac


Taken from Georgetown Waterfront Park, looking towards Rosslyn VA. My iPhone doesn’t take half bad photos.

The inner harbor from the 23rd floor…

Baltimore Inner Harbor photographed from the 23rd floor of HarborPlace

…of HarborPlace. I love how gritty the city looks, especially in the overcast weather. As nice as DC is, Baltimore has that industrial vibe that the District will never have.